I'm a freelance writer living in the wonderful country of the United States, which is a subsidiary of America, Inc. 

I'm available to write words, sentences, or even paragraphs for your website or business. That's right, we could work together! Now that's what I call winning the jackpot!


Who's this chump?

What can he do?

Win the Big Game

To the victor go the spoils. And with all these treats, I'm spoiled rotten! Just joking.

You gotta have respect for the big man. That's my philosophy, and I practice what I preach.

I love hitting a home run, in sports............or in life! Touch 'em all, big man!

Love Treats

Become Respected

Where's he done it?

Did somebody say writer for hire?

Jesse Farrar did.


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Here's some pictures of baseball. Bye!